Friday, December 17, 2004

I was a fool...

I was a fool
to give you my all,
to buy you flowers,
to write you love notes,
to think you loved me,
I was a fool
to adore you,
to think of you,
to hope for you,
to want you,
I was a fool
to give my heart,
to fix your house,
to care about you,
to run to you,
I was a fool
to love you...
I will never be a fool again!
... OK, I guess I am a stupid fool.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Hawaii (the green sand beach)

Oh man the most beautiful emerald green sand when it's wet...
And unbelievably the same sand is gold when it's dry....
Even these pictures don't do this place justice.

You have got to see the black sand beaches of the Big Island...
Thousands of years of pulverizing has turned this lava rock into the most profound beauty....
I was there one time looking out into the ocean and noticed a lone person swiming out a little ways. Then, shocked at first, I saw fins in the water like sharks everywhere... It took me a few seconds to realize the guy was playing with dolphins. Way Cool.

Monday, December 06, 2004

United States of Mexico

I See The Future......
I see your future.... All your children and grandchildren speak Spanish fluently. The constitution is abandoned because as in our country, the masses are asses. All the people both latinos and minority groups (Whites, Blacks, Asians) seem to forget that the industrial revolution came to a people free of taxes, socialized medicine, and tyrannical rulers....
Trust me, I am not a racist! My girlfriend is latina. I love her. I love all people like Jesus does... So let's not be STUPID! Was it not our country, the first nation in all history, to make significant advances in ALL areas of science and prosperity as an example to the entire world? That is liberty.
Yo veo el futuro.. Y tu tambien necesites aprender espanol, a protejar la constitucion, y libertad y este pais de todos los stupidos.
YO VEO EL FUTURO. (look it up!!)


: Finally! A moment… Our eyes united
: Intense excitement… Our hearts pounding
: Pure silence… Our thoughts as one
: Hearts longing, pulling, hungry for love
: Electricity screams from head to toe
: Our lips first touch… The taste delicious
: The fire of Passion… Races, it consumes
: Profound this feeling… Give me more

Nancy...... Ohhhh Yeeaaaaaaaahhh

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Te Amo (I learned Spanish in the last 2 yrs)

Love is next to insanity on the element chart.
Why in the hell am I soo in love with Ana...

Oh yeah, I know she's hot.
I've been dating other girls,
but how could I have a different girlfriend....
Life, a laminate of emotions.
The passionate driver of all history and time.
The reason for everything.

Dirty Dancing

Janelle..... hot and fun. It's her friends, they were all dirty dancing. Oh yeah I'm a man, and oh yeah I sort of like it.... then the rational thinking takes over. GOD and Dr. Laura, I know they are right. Covenant of marriage.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

All of my self worth.... in a single blog

What have I done with my life....
Big deal, I'm world "Bubble King" champion.
Big deal, I beat freecell 75 times in a row and got over 400k on Diamond Mine (pocketpc)
Big deal, I tested in the top 2 my last two jobs out of hundreds of people
Big deal, My 10 brothers and I have the world record for the most Eagle Scouts in 1 family
I have my business, my house, my kids...
Maybe that's it, I'm obsessive like my mother, I can't stand to loose...
Maybe that's why I can't just forget about my girlfriend Ana,
I am sooooo dang nice to her. She is too immature to get it.

Deek's World

Friday, December 03, 2004

It's not that life is short, It's just that you're DEAD for soooo long

Life is hard, but it's still good.
I have a business and a girlfriend and 7 kids, a house etc.
My wife died of breast cancer 1 Aug 2003. That has been real hard for my kids.
I'm sort of bored out of my mind and I'm on this fix my web page kick.
Why do women treat me like a piece of dung???
Just give me a woman who wants to be treated good and does the same for me.