Monday, December 06, 2004

United States of Mexico

I See The Future......
I see your future.... All your children and grandchildren speak Spanish fluently. The constitution is abandoned because as in our country, the masses are asses. All the people both latinos and minority groups (Whites, Blacks, Asians) seem to forget that the industrial revolution came to a people free of taxes, socialized medicine, and tyrannical rulers....
Trust me, I am not a racist! My girlfriend is latina. I love her. I love all people like Jesus does... So let's not be STUPID! Was it not our country, the first nation in all history, to make significant advances in ALL areas of science and prosperity as an example to the entire world? That is liberty.
Yo veo el futuro.. Y tu tambien necesites aprender espanol, a protejar la constitucion, y libertad y este pais de todos los stupidos.
YO VEO EL FUTURO. (look it up!!)


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